Which Football Club Sold The Most Football Shirts in 2021?

In 2021, Bayern Munich sold the most football shirts in Europe, followed by Real Madrid and Liverpool.

According to the FIFA-certified Euromerica Sport Marketing organization, the Bundesliga heavyweights sold 3.2 million shirts in the previous calendar year.

Real Madrid came in second in terms of kits sales, with 3.05 million shipped worldwide in 2021.

Liverpool rounded out the podium with 2.45 million sold last year, with Mohamed Salah’s presence no doubt playing a large part in that.

Manchester United have long been regarded as football’s most effective marketing engine, but they now rank fourth with 1.95 million shirts sold. Despite signing Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, probably the most marketable man on the globe and the most followed on social media, this was the case.

According to Euromerica, the team they signed Ronaldo from, Juventus, is currently ranked sixth. Juve sold 1.42 million jerseys, with Cristiano likely assisting in the trade.

Barcelona’s downturn on and off the field has continued, with 1.34 million shirts sold, putting them in sixth place. Losing Lionel Messi will hurt them going forward, much like losing Cristiano Ronaldo did for Juventus.

The top ten clubs in terms of jersey sales in 2021.

  • 3.25 million for Bayern Munich.
  • 3.05 million for Real Madrid
  • 2.45m Liverpool
  • 1.95 million for Manchester United:
  • 1.42 million for Juventus
  • 1.34 million in Barcelona
  • 1.31m Chelsea
  • 1.22 million for Borussia Dortmund.
  • 1.18m for PSG
  • 1.09 million for Manchester Cit

Chelsea is next with 1.31 million jerseys sold, followed by Borussia Dortmund in eighth place with 1.22 million.

The fact that PSG and Man City rank ninth and tenth, respectively, demonstrates the relative unpopularity of football’s two nouveau-riche teams of the last ten years.

Despite signing Messi, PSG only sold 1.18 million shirts, while Manchester City sold 1.09 million.

Arsenal and Tottenham are the two teams that didn’t even make it into the top 10.

Traditional superpowers such as AC Milan and Inter Milan, on the other hand, would be wondering what else they could do to regain popularity.