Why did Kobe Bryant switch from No. 8 to No. 24 on his Lakers jersey?


After Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the LA Lakers retired both of his jersey numbers. Here’s why Kobe Bryant switched from number 8 to number 24 on his jersey:
Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend. He gave his all from his first game as a rookie until his final game (a record 60 points, who could forget that?). His 20 years in the league left an indelible mark on the hearts of supporters.

Bryant announced his retirement on April 13, 2016, and the Lakers wasted no time in honoring his contributions to the team by retiring his jerseys. On December 18, 2017, the Los Angeles Lakers held a ceremony to formally hang Kobe Bryant’s jersey number in the rafters at Staples Center (now named Crypto.com Arena).

It was agreed that both of Kobe’s Lakers jersey numbers would be retired, which was the first time in NBA history. Midway through his career, Kobe Bryant switched from number 8 to number 24 on his jersey.
The No. 8 Lakers jersey was designed by Kobe Bryant.

If Kobe had transferred teams, the change in jersey number would have been understandable, but that was not the case. In his “jersey retirement ceremony,” Kobe shed light on this.

“When I first came in at 8, it was basically trying to ‘place your flag’ type of thing,” he explained. I need to show that I’m a legitimate member of this league. I need to show that I’m one of the greatest players in the league. You’ve decided to pursue them. It’s continual energy, aggression, and other things.

The reason for Bryant’s selection of the No. 8 jersey is also intriguing. #143 was his first jersey number, which he received at Adidas ABCD Camp. The numbers add up to eight. It’s also the number he wore in Italy throughout his tenure there as a player.

George McCloud was also given the number 24 (which he eventually chose on his own). His second choice would have been No. 33, which he wore in high school and which the Lakers had already retired in honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. So, at the start of his career, Bryant wore No. 8 on his jersey.

Kobe Bryant’s Lakers jersey number has been changed to 24.

For the 2006-07 season, Bryant opted to change his uniform number to 24. It was the number he wore when he first started playing basketball.

“Then 24 is a progression from that,” Kobe remarked of his jersey number. Physical characteristics aren’t as strong as they formerly were, yet maturity is higher.

Marriage, children. Being one of the older guys on the team today, rather than being the youngest, allows you to gain a broader perspective. Things change. ”

Going back to the roots and starting over was definitely the Mamba approach. In his Oscar-winning short film, “Dear Basketball,” Bryant commented on how he will always be the youngster who falls in love with a game.

He mentioned that No. 24 played a role in his basketball beginnings. It all started with that number, which propelled him to the level of ability and success he achieved with the Los Angeles Lakers. Any Mamba fan knows that Kobe is very focused on his fundamentals. He has said many times that he values good fundamentals more than anything else.

Kobe’s Jersey Numbers Accomplishments

#8.   –  #24

Seasons –  10   –  10

NBA Titles – 3     –  2

Regular Season MVP –  0 –  1

Finals MVP –  0 – 2

All Star Games – 8 – 10

All Star MVP Award – 1 – 3

Total points Scored – 16866  -16717

Scoring titles – 0 – 2

Kobe Bryant’s accomplishments are more about his hard work, consistency, and skill set, which aren’t tied to a certain jersey number. However, because he altered his uniform number, there are two distinct eras in Kobe’s 20-year career.

Both jerseys have had an equal impact on Kobe, which is why both jerseys have been retired by the Lakers.