Why do NBA players need to keep their shirt tucked in?

When the Oklahoma City Thunder faced the Minnesota Timberwolves near the end of 2019, Chris Paul pushed the referee to enforce a delay of play violation against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Due to the untucked jersey constituting a second delay in play violation, the Timberwolves were assessed a technical foul.

As a result, in a game that was too close to call, the Thunder received a free throw.

It got me thinking about how many people are aware of why NBA players are required to have their jersey tucked in.

Why are NBA players required to tuck their jerseys in?

Under NBA regulations, if a player’s jersey is untucked as they reach the court of play, it is considered a delay in play violation.

A technical foul is given to the other team if the same thing happens again.

In this article, we examine the rule, if anyone has been punished for an untucked jersey, and how NBA players prevent their shirts from being untucked.

If you haven’t yet seen what happened to Chris Paul, watch the video below.

Is it against the rules for NBA players to wear their jerseys untucked?

Section five, subsection c of Rule number three of the NBA Rules states:

There will be no delays in removing warm-up clothes if a substitute is ready to enter the game when called.


As a result, wearing an untucked jersey indicates that you are not ready to play.

A team is regarded to have delayed a game as a result of this, and if it is the first time in a game, the team is given a warning.

If a game delay occurs again, a team will be penalized with a technical foul.

As a result of the technical foul, the opposing side receives a free throw.

Is there a penalty for wearing a jersey that isn’t tucked in?

For a long time, we couldn’t identify anyone who had been penalized for wearing their jersey untucked.

We did, however, find two instances of players being punished for taking off their shirts before leaving the court.

The first was in 2006, when Udonis Haslem was fined $5,000 for removing his jersey as he exited the court, and the second was in 2011, when Andrew Bynum was fined $25,000 for doing the same thing.

With fines like these, it’s easy to see why players keep their gear in good shape.

What is the best way for NBA players to keep their jerseys tucked in?

The NBA uniforms were designed by Adidas when the rule was implemented.

Untucked jerseys, on the other hand, were a continuous issue, and given the amount of activity on a basketball court, a jersey would always be untucked.

Adidas decided to put silicone in the waistband of their basketball shorts so that the jersey would stay tucked in during the game.

When Nike makes NBA team uniforms, the silicone is still in the shorts to keep the jersey tucked in.