Why LeBron Switched To Number 6 In The Lakers

People who play for the Los Angeles Lakers talk about why they changed their jersey numbers. LeBron James talks about why he changed his number to 6.
LeBron James decided to change his jersey number with the Los Angeles Lakers during the offseason.
After wearing No. 23 for the first three seasons of his career, James switched to No. 6.
During his four seasons with the Miami Heat, James wore the No. 6 jersey. In back-to-back years with the company, he won titles.
James addressed why he switched back to No. 6 for the first time in games as a Laker.
To be honest, it’s always been a part of me,” James remarked. “Six has a lot of meaning for me, from my family and numbers to what I believe in and other things of that nature, but my thinking remains the same.”
James highlighted how he hasn’t changed his mindset.
“Going out and being an all-around basketball player, trying to dominate in all aspects of the game, and being a great teammate,” James added. “As well as being a fantastic leader.”
The jersey will be shown off during the preseason and can be bought online.